(Poem) All My Relations by Mary Saracino

Vergamini Clan
Vergamini Clan

All my relations hail from Puglia and Tuscany

their bodies rooted to ancient hillsides, sacred ruins

forests filled with wild cinghiali, fallen chestnuts

fields bursting with red poppies, stone menhirs


All my relations flew through the night skies

their souls danced with stardust, cradled by the wind

and the voluptuous arms of the full moon

secret-keepers, storytellers, healers

bakers, winemakers, farmers, musicians, poets


All my relations troubled the waters of convention

rocked the boat, sailed across an ocean

began a new life in a distant, foreign land


All my relations know the heart

pumps dreams as well as blood;

that life is a risky gamble—sometimes

you laugh, more often you cry,

but always, always—you fly, fly, fly.


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Donna J Snyder

Love, love, love this poem!