(Radio Interview) Nature-based spirituality with Hearth Moon Rising by Susun Weed

Hearth Moon Rising
Hearth Moon Rising

Susun Weed interviews Hearth Moon Rising, psychotherapist and teacher of magic. (Click here to view and listen to the interview)

Hearth Moon Rising is a psychotherapist and a teacher of magic who lives and worships in the Adirondacks. SheHearth Moon Rising was initiated as a Dianic priestess in 1987 and ordained in the Fellowship of Isis in 1990. Hearth has taught classes about nature and magic in the American Southwest and in New York State for over two decades.Hearth seeks to help practitioners from a variety of disciplines integrate an understanding of the powers of the natural world into their magical practice. Hearth is particularly interested in the natural foundations that acclimate European-born traditions to American practice.

birch treeHearth Moon Rising is passionate about the power of magic in nature and is dedicated to helping others integrate their experience of the natural world into their spiritual practice. She was an organizer for the Tucson Women’s Spirituality Conference in 1990 and 1991 and is skilled in creating meaningful outdoor ceremonies for both large and intimate gatherings. Interviews with Hearth about the Craft have appeared in print and on public radio.

Hearth’s spiritual approach is rooted in longstanding experience communing with the Goddess in wilderness settings. She lived in primitive conditions in the Sonora Desert for many years and has backpacked and circled extensively in Northern California. Since moving to the Adirondacks in 2000, she has continued hiking, circling and exploring, developing an intimate appreciation of the intense power rooted in this stunning place.

Hearth Moon Rising is high priestess of The Yellow Birch School of Magic where she seeks to aid priestesseslobaand priests of many traditions in applying nature-based knowledge to their spiritual practice. The School is based on shamanic traditions of Mediterranean and Western European origin, but draws extensively on polytheistic beliefs around the world, ancient and modern. Both solitary and group affiliated practitioners are welcome.

The School does not promote rural living or deny the validity of urban-based practice, but views an understanding of the natural world as integral to magical traditions. While feminist in orientation, the School recognizes deities of all genders. She hopes you will join her in tapping into the exciting core foundations of magic.

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