(Poem) many breasted by Susan Hawthorne

the many-breasted ones are here in droves

from Rome comes Lupa in company

with harpies griffins and Egyptian phoenix

they howl and call like a rabble of banshees


from Ephesus Diana her many breasts

sweet as mangoes as the ancient Tamil

poets would say


Livia welcomes them provides spritz

Aperol or Campari she asks

introduces them to a group of dust-red women

their breasts painted up


the women invite the old ones to dance with them

their easy shuffle raises the dust of the piazza

they dance to the sound of an ancient drone

and rising voices


look it’s Psappha and her thiasos

come to join the dance their tender feet

continuing though no sweet meadow

of pale summer grass here


there’s a vibration in the air rarely felt these past

six thousand years

Photo credit: Diana of Ephesus in the Musei Capitolini, Tome, Susan Hawthorne, 2013.
Photo credit: Diana of Ephesus in the Musei Capitolini, Tome, Susan Hawthorne, 2013.

The poem is forthcoming in my collection Lupa and Lamb to be published in September 2014 by Spinifex. For more, see my blog at http://susanslambdawolfblog.blogspot.com.au/

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