Meet Mago Contributor, Andrew Gurevich

Andrew GurevichProfessor Andrew Gurevich lives with his wife in Portland, Oregon. He has two children and teaches Writing, Religion, Literature and Philosophy at Mt. Hood Community College. While finishing a M.A. in Judeo-Christian history and Biblical Theology, he had a series of transformative experiences that led him to renounce the rigidity and fundamentalism of the modern patriarchal religions and embrace a path of discovery in the archaic, integrative wisdom traditions. After a second M.A. in English Literature, he began to integrate his training in literature, philosophy and theology to explore the ancient mythological structures that underscore our modern social systems and philosophical paradigms. His desire to discover and connect with the sacred feminine began early in life due to a troubled relationship with his own mother and has led him to research the Goddess archetype in the earliest human religious traditions dating back some 800,000 years. His work has appeared in Popular Archaeology, The Ecologist, The Voice, Reality Sandwich,, Current, and in the book “The Afterlife Survey.”

He is a regular speaker at academic conferences, community lectures and on radio programs such as Dr. Karen Tate’s “Voices of the Sacred Feminine” and Haseena Patel’s “Leave No Girl Behind.” He has written and lectured about the deep psychology of the climate change denial movement; epigenetics, neuropsychology and religious symbolism; Goddess mythology in the United States and in “Old Europe”; and the resurgence of the sacred feminine in the mystical traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. He is currently writing a book about the Native American myth of the Spider Woman and her mythological and cultural implications for modern society. His work incorporates the latest findings in consciousness studies, neuropsychology, hemispheric science and cultural anthropology to explore the ancient “technologies” of our collective wisdom traditions and how these technologies have been used to create personal and communal identity.

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