(Art) Mago by Lydia Ruyle

KOR3_Mago.2013Mago of old Korea and East Asia, also known as Magu, Mako, Samsin Halmeoni (Triad Grandmother Goddess) and Cheonsin (Heavenly Deity), is the Great Goddess. Mago is the progenitor, creatrix, and ultimate sovereign. Early gynocentric cultures venerated Her in many forms. Her multivalent identities include an immortal, mendicant, crone, shaman, and/or nature-shaper of mountains, rocks, caves and seas. In art, Mago often carries a basket of lingzi mushrooms, medicinal herbs and flowers–all symbols of immortality.

Source: Painting c. 1400 CE by Seokgyeong. Joseon Dynasty. Korea

(Meet Mago Contributor) Lydia Ruyle.

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