(Poem) Vernal by Donna Snyder

Equinox--the day of equal light and equal dark
In the north we know that winter ends
       yet again

Now is the time of miracles
Eos wings through a persimmon dawn
Astarte strokes her hare
Freya dresses in gossamer and wreaths
Saraswati holds the lotus blooms
Isis restores her lover to life
The blood of Cybele’s lover gives us violets before his
Soon it will be the Passion of the Son of Mary of the Sacred

It is the time of cleaning and planting
Crones stretch fingers no longer cramped by bitterness
Seeds planted in the cold dark give birth
The time of long light and short night begins
       yet again

Botticelli_Sandro_Primavera_dt1Eos-von-Evelyn-de-Morgan-25384Flora from Botecelli's La PrimaveraOstara by Helena Nelson ReedIsis.svgfreyaprimavera-botticelli

6 thoughts on “(Poem) Vernal by Donna Snyder”

  1. Thank you for honoring my modest gift. I feel like the little drummer boy in the old Christmas song.

  2. thank you, dlwshield, for reading and contemplating. hope your spring brings you abundance.

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