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The Pontifical Council for Culture has an agenda on women: the same tired old cage by Max Dasu

The Pontifical Council for Culture has an agenda on women: the same tired old cage

Re-making the Mago Myth: The Mago Project by Nirmala Nataraj (via Dohee Lee)

““Myths are stories that come from people through thousands and thousands of years, sometimes from a period before the myths were attached to words,” muses Lee, whose personal journey through the landscape of her performance included the compilation of myths from Jeju Island.


Lee, who moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2002, says that she was immediately curious about the history of her new home in Oakland as soon as she landed here. “As a newcomer, I asked myself—who are the people who once belonged here, who lost their land, their belief system, their everything? These questions brought me to other questions: What is home? What does it mean to belong where you are?””


Cosmic Music as Creatrix (Background reading for the Magoist Cosomongy): Cosmic Music: Correlations between music and cosmos-related ideas across ancient cultures by Barbara Rappenglueck (via Helen Hwang) 

“As this article shows, many people believed in a correspondence between music and cosmos. People were also aware of transforming power of music: music can transform your spirit as well as your bodily being and it influences not only your mood, but your pulse and blood-pressure, too. By singing or playing a musical instrument you can participate in and make use of this transforming power of music. From the combination of these aspects – the correspondence between music and cosmos, and the transforming
power of music – conclusions could be drawn: 1. the voice and musical instruments may become magic tools to participate in the “cosmic music”. Notably musical instruments with a cosmic symbolism may have been seen as especially suitable for this purpose. 2. The whole cosmos could be understood as the musical instrument of one or several divine musicians, who by their music govern the universe.”


PARTHENOGENESIS: women’s long-lost ability to self-conceive by Den Poitras (via Bridget Robertson)

Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples, by Linda Tuhiuai Smith (via Mami Serud)

reading of Linda Tuhiuai Smith Decolonizing Methodologies

Book review:

Book info/review:

  • Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples | Cultural Survival In this important book, Linda Tuhiwai Smith meets a formidable challenge. In 200…See More


The Invention of the Gods. Essays on Political Theology. by Gerhard Bott (via Ella Menz)

The essays explain the history of the religious doctrines which are in reality
Political Theology, proclaimed and installed by the first King-Priests , who are
Priest-Kings, selfproclaimed by the Chalcolithic cattle- and horse-domesticating, town- and empire-founding, new aristocracy and analyse and explain when
and how the throne of the „Mother of all Gods“ was usurpated by the
„Father-God“ – „God-Father“ .

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Taiwanese tradition of pot and pregnancy: Interview with Wennifer Curry (Wennifer Lin), the inheritress of an unbroken line of Taiwanese goddess-worshipping midwife-shamans and a former compassion club operator living in the US.

THE GOSPEL OF JESUS’S WIFE (via Anne Wilkerson Allen)

Damaged and fragile, an ancient papyrus has unleashed a new interpretation of a religious story we thought we knew. In one of the most significant discoveries of all time, a team of scholars has confirmed that a 4th-century codex, written in the ancient Coptic language, refers to “the wife of Jesus.” Dr. Karen King, the Hollis Professor of Divinity at Harvard, reveals that the papyrus clearly bears the line “Then Jesus said to them, my wife…” It doesn’t prove that Jesus was married, but it raises important questions about that possibility.

The brain science of the vagina heralds a new sexual revolution by Naomi Wolf (via Dave Warren)

“Most powerful to me of all of this transformative information is the fact that I now know how powerfully the vagina affects female consciousness, confidence, risk-taking and autonomy. These insights answer so many questions. Rather that asking “why the vagina? Why now?”, I am now more inclined to ask: why the repressive patriarchal silence about such important information? And why tolerate it any longer?”

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