Goddess in White Clothes by Elizabeth Keith

Watch and read Helen Hwang’s Video 2013 Mago Pilgrimage to KoreaPilgrimage Essay 1, and Pilgrimage Essay 2.

June 6-20, 2013

Last updated Jan. 1, 2013

  • An excursion to Wonju on June 8-9, co-organized by Helen Hwang and Bong-Jun Kim (Curator of the Art Museum of Ancient Future Myths)
  • Inter-Continental Goddess Conference will be held in Seoul National University on June 10, co-organized by Dr. Helen Hwang (Mago Academy), Dr. Mary Ann Ghaffurian (Primordial Intelligence), and Mr. Bong Jun Kim, (The Art Museum of Ancient Future Myths).
  • Twin Basis Bedroom will be provided for the entire stay with an exception of a couple of nights upon the special situation. In that case, layers of quasi-mattresses (Korean style mattress) will be provided on the underfloor bed.
  • Deadline Changes:

Discounts: Send the Deposit of $100.00 when you send me the Participation Form as soon as possible and receive 5% discount on your cost.

Also if you bring another person or more (a family, relative, or a friend), each person is eligible to a 5% discount. If you pay the whole cost for two, you will be awarded a 10% discount. Just email me the name of a person you will bring with the explanation of your relation to that person.

First Payment of 50%: Due before or on Feb. 15, 2013. Please make your check (no credit card) to Helen Hwang (Mago Pilgrim) and mail it to:

Dr. Helen Hwang
1024 East J St
Ontario, CA 91764


Phone:             (909) 921-2153
Email: magopilgrim@hotmail.com

Final Payment: Due before or on March 31, 2013.

Word of Invitation:

I invite you to join me and our Mago loving coordinators and participants to the great adventure of visiting Korea, the Cradle of Magoism, in 2013. As some may know, South Korea is anything but boring or monotonous. It is dynamic, vibrant, and passionate. Beneath the facade of modern Korea, the country that has made miracles on many levels including economic growth from the ruins of the Korean War in the 1950s and the Japanese Colonial Rule before then, there lies a very old goddess/women-centered tradition, history, and culture that even modern Koreans may not know.

I have studied Mago, the Great Goddess of Korea and East Asia, for the last twelve years ever since I encountered the topic for my Ph.D. dissertation. I am very excited and honored that I will share the fruition of my self-motivated ongoing research with you, as we together travel and visit actual regions and sites that are related to ancient Magoism! To be shared is not only my published research but also the fresh and ever-expanding discovery that I have updated to this day. I will open up our cross-cultural discussions with such wonder-ful “world-section” coordinators as Dr MAG~The Primordial (Dr. Mary Ann Ghaffurian) who will be presenting on Nascent Goddesses and the Primordial Connection: The Return to O, MaryAnn Columbia, Mago High Priestess, who has long anticipated visiting Korea with me, and Jayne DeMente, founder of Creatrix Media Live, who has helped Mago and Magoism known to a wider circle of interested people, and others. This will mark a watershed in history not only for me and Korea but also for us who are the One People of the Great Cosmic Mother, whichever name you call! You are invited to partake that historical moment!

Indeed, it is a long-anticipated vision about to be actualized once again in our time, the cross-cultural meeting of all peoples in the bosom of Mago! Explore the live but hidden side of the Female Korea now newly surfacing and surging through my discoveries of Magoism. Immerse yourself in the rich, sublime, and exuberant heritage of the female-centered civilization of East Asia/Korea from the Paleolithic to ancient and medieval times. There are tons of places, sites, artifacts, cultures, histories, and stories to be rediscovered in Korea! You will obtain the living knowledge of how Korean women and men in the past not only founded, flowered, and transmitted Maogism from generation to generation but also defended it against domestic and neighboring patriarchal forces, I hope. The veils will be lifted and the disconnected will be joined again! Moreover, Magoism will help us see the kinship in our genes, consciousnesses, and cultures. Come and join me in the first intercontinental pilgrimage to Korea! 

(P.S. I thank from the bottom of my heart my old and new friends and colleagues who have asked and supported me to undertake this project. They are Mary Ann Columbia, Jayne DeMente, Dr. MAG, Bernedette Muthien, Lydia Ruyle, Anniitra Ravenmoon, Rosemary Mattingley, Anne Wilkerson Allen, Harriet Ann Ellenberger, Leslene della-Madre, Wennifer Lin,  Ayele Khu Meri, Laura Newberry, Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor, Barbara Lehner, Dorlisca Hilares, Insuk Ham, Young-Ae Kim, and many more who have expressed their interest in knowing and considering. Without you, I will still be dreaming of it!)

Thank you for your interest in reading this information! I am pleased to announce the first 2013 Mago Pilgrimage to Korea!

(The Mago Pilgrimage to Korea is a non-profit project, and we welcome donations and supports in many forms and manners. Thank you so much for your thought and action!)

(The following is subject to change.)

Contact: Dr. Helen Hwang (Email: magopilgrim@hotmail.com or magoism@gmail.com)

Please feel free to email me for your questions. Also the Participation Form will be emailed to you if you send me an email of initial inquiry.

Visit I am interested: What to do/Participation Form to begin with your Application and to see the discount policies.

1. Theme: Meet Mago in Her Home Land

2. Dates: June 6-June 20, 2013. You may choose from the following.

Option 1: June 6-13 (the first week), arrive in Incheon/Seoul on the 6th before Noon.

Option 2: June 6-20 (the entire two weeks), arrive in Incheon/Seoul on the 6th before Noon.

Option 3: June 13-20 (the second week), arrive in Mt. Jiri on the 13th before noon.

  • Day 1 (Thur. June 6): Arrival in Incheon/Seoul, travel to Ganghwa Island (Program begins 5 pm)
  • Day 2 (Fri, June 7): Ganghwa Island
  • Day 3 (Sat. June 8): Ganghwa Island/Seoul or Gyeonggi, Travel to Wonju
  • Day 4 (Sun. June 9): Wonju, Art Museum of Ancient Future Myths
  • Day 5 (Mon. June 10): Travel to Seoul, Inter-Continental Goddess Conference at Seoul National University, Seoul (Cosponsored by Mago Academy, Women’s Research Center at Seoul National Unviersity, Research Institute of Ancient Future Myths, Primordial Intelligence
  • Day 6 (Tue. June 11): Travel to Mago Halmae Gut Shrine, Asan, Chungnam, and Sudeok-sa Templestay in Daejeon
  • Day 7 (Wed. June 12): Sudeok-sa Templestay, Hot Spring, tavel to Mt. Jiri (Jirisan-gwon Munhwa Yeonguwon)
  • Day 8 (Thur. June 13): Mt. Jiri, Mago Stonewalls, End of Option 1
  • Day 9 (Fri. June 14): Mt. Jiri,  Ssanggyeo-sa and Guksa-am Temples
  • Day 10 (Sat. June 15): Mt. Jiri, travel to Busan
  • Day 11 (Sun. June 16): Busan, Travel to Jeju Island
  • Day 12 (Mon. June 17): Jeju Island, (Symposium, co-sponsored by Jeju Traditional Culture Center)
  • Day 13 (Tue. June 18): Jeju Island, (Colloquium, co-sponsored by Jeju Traditional Culture Center)
  • Day 14 (Wed. June 19): Jejue, travel to Gimpo/Gyeonggi
  • Day 15 (Thur. June 20): Departure from Incheon/Seoul, End of Option 2 and Option 3.

See Program Contents Outline for details.

3. Regions/cities to visit include: Gwanghwa Isalnd, Gyeonggi Province, Seoul, Wonju, Asan, Daejeon, Busan, Jeju Island.

4. Tour contents: Ancient Cultural and historical Sites especially women-led, Mago-named Natural Places, Dolmens and Megaliths, Shaman rituals (Gut), Indigenous Shrines (Samsin-gak, Samseong-gak, Sansin-gak, Chilseong-gak, Mireuk-jeon, Gwaneum Shrine), Pre- and Proto-Historical archaeological sites, Paleolithic and the Neolithic sites, Rock arts, Buddhist or pre-Buddhist sites, Museums, National Parks, or Korean Indigenous Religions.

5. Program will include Six Mago Presentations by Dr. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang and Inter-Continental Goddess Conference (ICGC) in Seoul National University, Symposium, Colloquium, and/or Public Event in which participants can present their work alongside Korean participants if preferred.

6. We, the 2013 Mago Pilgrims from outside Korea (Non-Korean Pilgrims), may be conjoined by Korean participants for the duration of certain days such 10 days, three days, or a day. This will create opportunities for Non-Korean Pilgrims to interact with Korean Pilgrims, and vice versa.

7. For the expenses, please send us an email to request the Participation Form in which total and itemized expenses are detailed.

Methods of transportation include: Subway, bus, car, train, ship, plane and/or hike.

Korean food is primarily based on vegetables, a country style cooking.

For some regions, we may have to use Korean bedroom that has the floor with mattresses and throws called ondol (underfloor system).  

6. Who are the people making possible 2013 Mago Pilgrim Tour to Korea?

See who is coming and doing here: Meet the Pilgrims!

Executive Program Director: Dr. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

U.S. Coordinators: Ms. MaryAnn Columbia

Australia/New Zealand Coordinator: Dr. Mary Ann Ghaffurian

Korea Coordinator: Dr. Vana Kim Hansen, Mr. Bong Jun Kim

  • Ganghwa Island, Seoul and Gyeonggi Region Coordinators: Ms. Hyunsuk Jee, Ms. Youngsim Jung Kim, Ms. Young-Ai Kim
  • Gangwon Region Coordinator: Mr. Bong-Jun Kim
  • Juje Island Coordinator: Ms. Jeong-Sook Kim
  • South Eastern Region Coordinator: Dr. Yung-Sun Lee
  • South Western Region Coordinator: Dr. Jeong-Hee Kim
  • Mt. Jiri Coordinator: Ms. Hae Kyung Ahn
  • Central Region Coordinator: Dr. Myung-Joo Kim

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DrMary Ann Ghaffurian

The “Goddess in White Clothes” is a beautiful and fitting image to this noble adventure. Lovely work, by Elizabeth Keith.

Glenys D. Livingstone

wonderful … what a tour!


Thank you for your heart-felt, joyous words!