(Poem) To Befana Baubo by Susan Hawthorne

Befana, Goddess banner art by Lydia Ruyle

the hours of talk were long
and they have agreement

Baubo is leading a morning ritual
she is flanked by Demeter and Medusa
it begins as a low belly rumble
releases into a wide open laugh

laughter ricochets around the circle
infecting each one of us
Baubo makes Demeter laugh again
Medusa laughs her head off

La Befana is running around
with her other half Perchta
handing out honeyed figs and dates

their broomsticks are for
sweeping the sky
not sweeping floors

we laugh at our pain
we laugh to stay sane

[Author’s Note: this poem dedicated to Befana (Jan. 4) is from my book ‘Lupa and Lamb‘.] Also see it in Celebrating Seasons of the Goddess (Mago Books, 2017).

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