Eyes of Goddess: Beltaine Healing Vision by Glenys Livingstone

Once cast from the sun, light streams onto planet Earth like liquid. It freely enters us as both photon and wave. In daylight, we ingest billions of photons during every open-eyed moment. As waves, light vibrates into us.[i]

Beltaine Fire Eyes. photo: Glenys Livingstone

In the Season of Beltaine/High Spring, which it is now in the Southern Hemisphere where I am, the light part of the day continues to grow; it is the time when Her photons are flooding the biosphere, She sees Her Land, which we are also. We are Her Land, at one with our Place. With this vision, the power of Her eye, Goddess as Sun brings forth life and beauty.

In Beltaine ceremony, MoonCourt, Australia, participants walk between Her fire eyes to be seen by Her. To be seen by Her is healing, wholing, restoring … as opposed to the patriarchal gaze that judges, evaluates, diminishes.

In these recent times (this era) the act of seeing has commonly become an act of dominance and possession, but it could again be a receiving … an action of listening and perception, which is an evocation, a calling forth.[ii]

Light the Beltaine fires and walk between them. Be seen by Her and restored.

Meet Mago Contributor, Glenys Livingstone.


[i] Laura Sewall, “Earth, Eros, Sky”, in EarthLight, Winter 2000. p.22-25.

[ii] Glenys Livingstone, Seeing Her Land: the Twin Fires of Beltaine, 2015.


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