(Art) Sanctus Cumulus—Latin Saint of Clouds by Sudie Rakusin

Art by Sudie Rakusin

Sanctus Cumulus inspires us to honor our variegated moods, like the clouds that roll across the sky, changing shape and color.

How often do we search the skies to predict the day’s weather? Study the shapes and shading of the clouds floating in a bright or darkening sky, to read their positions like tea leaves in a cup to forecast our own sunny days or storms?

We watch cumulus clouds suspended in their puffy, innocent cotton ball shapes, until they gather to form the gray towering masses of thunderstorms.

Clouds are water in the air—lower clouds are made entirely of water; higher in the sky, they become a mixture of water and ice, and even higher, long curls of ice.

They reflect the dewy colors of sunrise, the rich oranges and reds of sunset. Their wooly wisps weave a blanket that retains heat at night. Clouds release excess water vapor that is the basis for rainbows and provide a natural umbrella that protects us from the harshness of the sun.

Artist’s Note: The natural flow in my Feminist practice and Spiritual belief was to become an ardent and dedicated spokeswoman for animals and the environment. I am a vegan. My decision to stop eating meat was always an ethical and spiritual one. I cannot take another life for my subsistence. I believe animals have their own reason for being and they have the right to live out their purpose, not one we impose upon them. My art reflects my passion and love for animals as well as my respect and appreciation for the Earth. I paint, draw, and sculpt the world I dream of inhabiting. A place where the natural world is treated with deference and there is no hierarchy among humans and animals. In my world, we all walk the Earth in harmony. My art is the best way I know to express these feelings. www.sudierakusin.com 

Meet Mago Contributor Sudie Raskusin.