(Poem) The River Violet by April Aronoff

Garden Photo 2_April Aronoff
Photo Credit: ©April Aronoff

I walk upon the River Violet one day and sit down.

Its flow is soft, slow, beckoning,

Its water catching sunbeams

in a beautiful crystalline purple,

turning everything that runs through

the most luminous shades of periwinkle and lilac,

its violaceous essence pulling and drawing me near,

like a bird song so lovely it tugs at the heart string,

and slowly I step in.

My toes turn to lavender as its waters gently tumble past,

a tingling heat despite the sharp, brisk flow,

and I see ahead an eddy,

its swirl an image of something familiar but I can’t recall,

and like a purple blue magnet it summons me,

until I am peering into its glassy deepness.

What I see makes me gasp:

Fire, Violet Fire, beneath this waters depth!

Amethyst flames rising and falling,

fiery breath taking in liquid air,

a lava lamp of pure purple,

mixing water and flame and impossibility,

and the summoning grows loud and strong,

rushing my ears like the fever of a river,

and I cannot escape it

and plunge straight down.

Garden Photo_April Aronoff
Photo credit: ©April Aronoff

Heat all around me

devouring yet surging,

like the womb of the Goddess

I turn and spin in Her blazing fetal fluid,

melting away pain

melting away attachment

melting away all that I have clung to

for fear of the unknown,

like a rough stone turned to smoothness,

its touch evoking the very essence of grace,

its cloudy veneer replaced with mercy,

its solid molecules becoming supple and soft,

and like a seed whose cycle

has sprouted and died and sprouted again,

I am Reborn.

Author’s Note: This poem arose from deep within after spending a day in ceremony with Kuan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Compassion.  Other names for Her include Tara the Tibetan Goddess and Mother Mary/Mary Magdalene from Christianity.  Kuan Yin has been my guide since my children were born.  She has taught me to find compassion and grace during the most difficult of times, and to ultimately tap into LOVE, one of the highest vibrations a person can alchemize.

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