(Art) Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp (with the Lady Cerridwen) by Eileen Haley

Quilt by Eileen Haley. Part of her EarthWomen series.
Quilt by Eileen Haley. Part of her EarthWomen series.

Four campers dance holding balloons, which were a feature of the mass demonstrations outside the US Air Force base at Greenham Common in the UK, where women famously maintained a peace camp for nearly 20 years. The women’s companion, the Welsh Goddess Cerridwen, reflects the Welsh origin of the marchers who originally set up the camp in 1981. She takes the form of a Druidic priestess, her body painted in woad. Druids work intentionally with the beings of Faerie. The affirmation embroidered behind the central figure, ‘You can’t kill the spirit’, now adorns a commemorative spiral sculpture at the Greenham Common site. Read Meet Mago Contributor Eileen Haley.

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This is a lovely quilt depicting a wonderful accomplishment.

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