(Mago Pilgrimage video 1) Gangjeung Village in Jeju Island by Robert (Taffy) Seaborne


The Mago Pilgrimage 2014 to Korea, organised by Dr.Helen Hwang, spent four days at Jeju Island, visiting ancient shrines and female-based culture there, staying mostly in Gangjeong Village in the South, known for its peace activism and resistance to the USA (and South Korea) naval base being built there. Although the naval base construction is going ahead, despite international protest, the peace activism continues: there is a Peace Centre in Gangjeong now, and daily dancing and singing at the site, in which the Mago pilgrimage core group was able to participate. The small group of us, including local dancer/activist TeRa and poet Kimi Kim, spent time in view of the construction and destruction, and also created our own small rituals there.

For more information about the Mago Pilgrimage 2014, seehttp://magoism.net/mago-academy/2014-…
For more on Dr.Helen Hwang’s research on Mago, Primordial Mother of East Asia: http://magoism.net/about/magoism/

For more about the peace activism at Jeju and to support it, see “The Ghosts of Jeju” by Regis Tremblay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PAOH

The music on the video is by Bronwyn Kirkpatrick from her CD MOON:http://bronwynkirkpatrick.com


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