(Art) Camogie Players (with Constance Markievicz) by Eileen Haley

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Quilt by Eileen Haley. Part of her EarthWomen series.

Four Irishwomen play camogie, the female version of the traditional Gaelic sport of hurley. Their uniforms are rainbow-hued, echoing the prevalence of rainbows in Irish landscape and magic folklore.

The players’ companion, Constance Markievicz, was a feminist and leader of the Irish independence movement in the early 20th century who abandoned a life in high society for the Irish Citizen Army. The ballgown, corset and other garments of that life lie scattered at the feet of the players.

The background is a patchwork of green fields peopled with leprechauns and such like. In the midst is the Goddess, the land Herself, in grey. The triple spiral (triskele) of the Newgrange megalithic site is embroidered on Her body in iridescent thread.

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Donna J Snyder

This is both beautiful and full of words and history I did not know. Thank you, Mago.