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CvW Rosalie Bertell
Rosalie Bertell

Rosalie Bertell is dead. She passed away peacefully on June 14th of 2012 at the age of 83. After having suffered from cancer she closed her eyes forever at the convent of the “Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart” in Pennsylvania which she had been a part of for most of her life. She had been able to experience the publication of her book in German half a year earlier. This causes me great happiness, since I am aware of the relevance of this event for Rosalie. It was very important to her.

I maintained ongoing contact with Rosalie for as long as it was possible to do so. One of our last topics of discussion was the Fukushima disaster and the events surrounding it, which appeared more than strange to her as well. According to her calculations the earthquake had not taken place in the potentially sensitive tectonic rift of the Pacific Ocean, as generally presumed. Rather, she traced its origins to a region that was neutral in this context. She was very worried about the long term effects caused by this disaster, after all, this was her area of expertise for which she was awarded the Right Livelihood Award in 1986 (Bertell 1986). However she had not been able to grasp the tremendous effects of the Fukushima disaster anymore (cf. www.pbme-online.org, 6th Information-Letter: Fukushima and We, June 2012).

Another topic that she had been observing very carefully and a question she had been unable to find an answer to during her lifetime was that of the phenomenon of the melting of parts of the Antarctic region. She assumed that the reasons could not be the same as those that she had pinpointed through her research on the rapid melting of the ice in the Arctic region, namely the employment of electromagnetic ELF waves by the Soviets and the Americans since the mid 70ies, as she describes in her book.

One thing was certain to her: it is not just CO2 that is responsible for climate warming, as pretended for the Arctic region. This belief has been promoted by political and economic interests in the United States, and throughout the world since Al Gore’s presidential candidacy– and since then even alternative and ecological movements believe in it. CO2 accumulates in the earth’s troposphere while the warming actually takes place in the higher layers of the ionosphere. And this is precisely the layer that military experiments target utilizing electromagnetic waves to heat it up and creating the potential for natural disasters, as we have come to know decades ago already (s. attempt by the UN to prohibit military application of these technologies through the ENMOD convention of 1977).

Maybe, in the case of the Antarctic region, the reason does not lie above,  in the artificial warming of the air, but rather below, namely in the warming or any other changes of the water in the oceans?

This was where our discourse ended; it was the beginning of June 2012.

What would she have thought about all the other disasters that have occurred since? Large earthquakes throughout the planet, storms like “Sandy” which hit the US east coast just in time for the presidential election, and volcanic eruptions like the one in New Zealand last November. How would she have applied her knowledge in order to differentiate between true and fake natural disasters?

For if there is one thing we have gained clarity on since the writing of her second book Planet Earth. The Latest Weapon of War, it is that today nobody can just assume natural origins behind the accumulation of enormous natural disasters anymore…

A centerpiece of her last endeavors was the creation of awareness about geo-engineering, which has emerged out of the dark room of military concealment and been positioned as a supposed civilian project to counteract climate change. Rosalie was tireless in her efforts to highlight the military backgrounds, writing to the UN commission of biodiversity at the climate conference in Durban, South Africa in December 2011. It was another attempt to explain the nature of geo-engineering as a military project that has nothing to do with a battle of counteracting climate change, which for the military does not even exist. She explains again how this project had been put into practice a long time ago already and for totally different reasons. For Rosalie, it is urgent to finally include the role of the military in the analysis of climate change!

It appears that Rosalie´s efforts remained ineffective until today. For Rosalie, however, it was clear that the official debate over geo-engineering is actually a propagandistic attempt to secure a favorable public opinion and to ensure civilian academic and economic support for the continued and hidden military project of turning the Earth into a weapon, this way causing climate changes as a side effect.

In Bertell’s opinion the term geo-engineering stands for a cumulative description of all these technologies and techniques:

–          Weather wars as described by the US Air Force (“Owning the Weather in 2025“),

–          Plasma weapons or the employment of electromagnetic “ionospheric heating” installations that are ever-expanding and growing worldwide, as well as

–          The methods that are ascribed to typical geo-engineering in the narrow sense, such as the spraying of aerosols – also known as chemtrails by those who oppose these methods – and albedo methods to deflect sunlight (cf. www.sauberer-himmel.de), as well as “ocean fertilization” in order to get CO2 down under.

So, how would Rosalie have reacted to the prognosis that was published by the World Bank in November of 2012, assuming a warming of the climate up to 4 degrees Celsius by the end of the century and therefore recommending the development and employment of alternative measures in order to manage CO2 and its effects!?

She would have stated that the World Bank report is in line with the current trend of concealment in regards to military activities; it defines the problem by describing it at the wrong end and suggests methods that replace one evil with another!

In order to participate in the memorial for Rosalie Bertell I travelled to Toronto, Canada in late September of 2012 where the IICPH (International Institute of Concern for Public Health) is located, which was founded by Rosalie Bertell. Around 120 people met in the assembly room of a church near the center of town to commemorate her. IICPH President Marion Odell, Vice President Anna Tilman, Mother Superior Sister Julia Lanigan from Pennsylvania, USA, and friends as well as co-workers from different phases in her life spoke about her; and a movie about her life around the age of 30 and at the age of 60 was shown.

That was where I realized who she really was:

Rosalie was a “virgin” – innocent – not in the patriarchal, clerical, or gynecological way, but rather in a very matriarchal way: from beginning to end she was and remained a young and “innocent”, committed and resilient strong woman whose movement was geared towards the search for knowledge, wisdom, and truth in the world. She reported of what she found in a very clear way and terminology, she showed what she learned and what she observed – and she did it soberly and without compromise, without an agenda, close to reality and speaking in a straightforward and unfussy way, without considering herself and doing everything from the bottom of her heart! It was her heart which was the foundation and center from which she expressed her thoughts, made her decisions, and took action – the only word that comes to mind as a definition is “ love“. And it is this love, a love much greater than the love of one´s self, that enabled her to do more than just realize personal interest, that generated energy beyond what is normally available to a single person, and enabled her to follow an all-encompassing vision, more complete than what we are usually able to perceive.

Innsbruck, December 2012


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(To be continued in Part 2)

Read the German language version of the essay.

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