(Poem) Sydney Action for Juárez by Eileen Haley

Grieving mother

we were with you

as you scoured desert sands

demanding to know

where your dear daughter had gone

who had taken her

who held her


Blighting the earth with drought

raging and howling


We too cried out her name

her many her three hundred names


We too asked the sun

the copper sun who knows everything

Where were you? What did you see?

We too blasted the streets of the city

raising a dust storm

raging and howling


Lost daughter

we went with you too


Down the dark cleft in the surface of things

the scent of flowers still about us


We crossed the dread river

plunged down the nine layers


till we reached the black lake

at the heart of the labyrinth


where she swims in the depths

she who lies beneath all

the devourer

who changes

who changes

all she touches

There we looked him in the eye

the abductor the murderer

our pupils wide and black

our retinas glowing green in the dark

With our fangs and claws

we dismembered him

tore him apart

Found his name

his many nameson our tonguecapitalismo






we returned to you

bringing gifts from down under

our lips stained with dark juice

We are not the same girl, we know

Not the bright innocent who looks smiling out

from three hundred photos

Not the daughter you lost

but something at least, señora;

la solidaridad feminista internacional

green shoots we hope

IWD March

© Eileen Haley 2011

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