(Poem 4) Creation Story by Dr. Mary Ann Ghaffurian


Down in your neural cord and mine. Deep down.
Hurrying past eternal banshees wailing at the rock;
Past dead hands gripping at ankles, feet.
Struggling off slime, bandit attacks
Braving sniper-fire, hidden vantage in assault...
You will see. You will learn. Behold.
If you dare look through the looming shapes
Following every one's cautious move
Fumbling towards one's truth.

Or if you dare not look,
Yet sense the overarching threat.
Move on…
Searching further still…Scooping out within...
Not stopping

The mantle of stars, they are there.
Lotus-eyed creation awaits.
The Aeons are with a gift.
The innocent gift.

They be there to prove to you,
For you to prove to yourself,
You could outlast them in the end.
You could find the truth.
You could unravel the coil, the cord,
The knot, Unleash the heart,
Maintain your Soul.

To the final outpost of grief.
To the final supernova of relief.

In the very beginning was the Serpent
A Mother,
She wept
For where were Her children?

They are Here.
Text © Mary Ann Ghaffurian 1989 ~The Primordial Path

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