(Meet Mago Contributor) Jack Dempsey, Ph.D.

Jack Dempsey (b. 1955) began writing freelance in New York City, and published Ariadne’s Brother: A Novel on the Fall of Bronze Age Crete in 1996. With his Ph.D. in Native and Early American Studies from Brown University, Jack wrote, edited and produced four books and two films in those fields, including New English Canaan by Thomas Morton of Merrymount; Mystic Fiasco: How the Indians Won The Pequot War, and Nani: A Native New England Story. Working on People of the Sea since the 1990s, Jack created the collaborative multimedia website Ancientlights.org, and revealed ancient Western astronomy with Calendar House: Clues to Minoan Time from Knossos Labyrinth. Residing in Crete since 2015 with Angela his wife, he has published a short biography of the late feminist historian and poet Barbara Mor, and his 2016 book based on public forums is The Knossos Calendar: Minoan Cycles of the Sun, the Moon, the Soul & Political Power (Iraklion: Mystis Editions, also in Greek).

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