(Poem) Go Wild If You Must by Phibby Venable

Phibby Venable image 2
“I took this photo when my friend put down her guitar. I love the feminine spread, and the sun through the window. It is like a silent story.” Phibby Venable
Go wild if you must, my dear, you are better at it than most
Wren on a sled heading downhill
All the slopes perceive you to be beautiful
The way you kick the wind and fling your feet backwards
so that your speed is a sail across the Arctic
and even the snow tries to throw
the purest white sparkles from its snow face
And yes, we are in a corner now
The way our terrible journey flies from side to side
The lack of cohesion, and the crazy train
taking us far beyond our stops, time and again
And what if we both know that this
is the one we cannot win?

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