(Tribute) In memory of Ingrid Andrew by The Mago Circle Members

Ingrid Andrew art

“A thank you and farewell to our Sister, Ingrid Andrew. Many of us remember and cherish your spirit, art, poetry, chats, friendships, and meetings.” Remembered by Dr. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang on behalf of more than 40 members of The Mago Circle who commented and shared the following and more.

“Can’t wrap my self in any flag, this suffering transcends nations.” (Ingrid Andrew, Nov. 16, 2015). Remembered by Helen Hwang.

“Because so many are torn away too soon, too young, unsung; I’ll make a sacrament of every day, a hymn to every tree, to every cloud a song. And when the dusk and twilight fall I will remember, I will recall that each new day’s a gift. Because so many are torn away too soon, too young, unsung; I will remember and remember well one night, one day, I too shall be undone. My time will come. And I’ll be free to grow into the lineaments of a tree, a breath of cloud, a wave that rises and falls and sighs and sighs and sighs, an amaranthine sea ….” © IDF Andrew from The Bird of Morning. Remembered by Kaalii Cargill.


Is there a home in this world

for the woman who carries the seeds of love

in her womb?

Is there a home for the woman

who stands up and says:

‘Wars within wars without end

must end.’

‘Haven’t we sacrificed enough?

Enough young conscripts?

Enough children?

Enough mothers and fathers?

Enough animals?

Enough of the Earth

already enough?’

Is there a home in this world

for the woman who says:

‘I stand up for right livelihood.

The making and selling of arms is not good,

the pillaging of another country’s wealth is not good,

the enforced slavery of men and women is not good.’

Haven’t we sacrificed enough?

Enough meadows and rivers

and streams

and mountains and forests.

Already, enough.

Enough of our future,

for present gain,


Is there a home in this world

for the woman who says:

‘The time of dominion must end,

we must humble ourselves

to the Earth.’

For the woman who says:

‘You may cover me in thick robes,

you may stamp me into the ground;

you may stop up my mouth;

you may hide my breasts,

you may despise my womb.

You may destroy me.

This Earth, this singular planet

but still

I am the brown seed that will flame

into the green leaf;




living God.’

© IDF Andrew

(Sept. 17, 2015, from her blog

Charcoal Woman
Charcoal Woman by Ingrid Andrew from When Woman Created the World and She Rises: Why Goddess Feminism, Activism and Spirituality?

“Ingrid was my friend, my sister and fellow poet. We had been working on a collaboration ‘When Woman Created The World’ for the past 6 months. The piece is now finished and I hope in time it will be opened to the universe for all to read, as I know Ingrid would have wanted this. My heart is broken but not my undying respect and admiration to one of the most beautiful Goddesses I have ever known. I am grateful for every minute we shared together in creativity and love. Ingrid now heals her woman wounds in the swirl of eternal love, till she is ready to rise again… and sing.” Remembered by Tara Fleur

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