(Solstice poem) manitari by Susan Hawthorne

Meet Mago Contributor, Susan Hawthorne.

there was a time when
we called the sky
Eos Ushas Aphrodite
Astarte Ishtar Isis
of course of course
and those others
Circe Calypso Arianrhod
Medea Semele.
all who came from
sea sun and moon
gleaming silver and golden
in their beauty
those names those names
a chant
slipped into as the syllables
fall from my tongue
manitari ambrosia amŗta
food for immortals
little golden
pearl gleaming
your silver stalks
extended in welcome
Psilocybin mushroom http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psilocybin_mushroom
Psilocybin mushroom
Wikipedia image
© Susan Hawthorne, 1980/2014 (from her forthcoming book, Lupa and Lamb)

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