Meet Mago Contributor, Xochitl Alvizo

Xochitl AlvizoFeminist, theologian, and Christian identified woman, Xochitl is a Ph.D. Candidate in Practical Theology at Boston University School of Theology. Her research is focused on new and postmodern forms of church. She uses a feminist practical theological method that includes the use of qualitative research and narrative analysis. Her research begins with concrete communities of faith and the sacred stories they share and has an ecclesiological focus. Finding herself on the boundary of different social and cultural contexts, she works hard to develop her voice and to hear and encourage the voice of others. Her work is inspired by the conviction that all people are inextricably connected and the good one can do in any one area inevitably and positively impacts all others. Xochitl is one of the four women who founded Feminism and Religion in June 2011! 

Published posts from the recent:

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