Meet Mago Contributor, Angelika Heike Rüdiger

Angelika RudigerHaving grown up close to nature in the countryside under the care of my grandmothers and my great-grandmother, my love for poetry, myth and legend was wakened and became firmly rooted. Later I studied physics and chemistry, obtained a degree in chemistry in 1991, and was awarded the title of Dr. rer. nat in 1996. A mother of three wonderful daughters, I moved into teaching in 2006. Finally I took up studies of Welsh in 2010, and at the same time I started to present my poetry to the public (at first under the pen name of “Nelferch Merchcoed”). In 2012 I was awarded the title of “Master of Arts” in Welsh language and literature, and currently I continue my part-time postgraduate studies for a PhD. My main source of inspiration flows from European folklore and mythology as well as from nature, but also from everyday life. An essay summarizing the major part of my work on Welsh folklore up to now has been published in Gramarye- The Journal of the Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy tales and Fantasy Issue 2 (2012), p.29-48 entitled “Gwyn ap Nudd: Transfigurations of a character on the way from medieval literature to neo-pagan beliefs.”

I have published poetry under my pen-name, “Nelferch Merchcoed,” in the following pages and journals:

Published posts from the recent: 

(Poem)  The House of the Sidhe by Angelika Heike Rüdiger

(Poem)  Herecura by Angelika Heike Rüdiger

(Poem)  The Secret Ways by Angelika Heike Rüdiger

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broken angel
broken angel

I am extremely interested in one of the God-Kings you research, Gwynn ap Nudd, however I am finding it extremely difficult to find your work. It is usually either out of stock or well over priced. I am wondering if you will be publishing the works in one collected book, and if so what it is called, or if you have some way to encourage the publishers to do reprints. Please feel free to contact me on this matter.