(Video) PaGaian Winter Solstice by Glenys Livingstone

by Glenys Livingstone

At Her PaGaian MoonCourt, Bru-na-BigTree, Blue Mountains, NSW Australia. The Poetry is largely from the book “PaGaian Cosmology” available on-line at http://pagaiancosmology.com/.

I acknowledge the work and inspiration of Starhawk, Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme and Connie Barlow, in this composition. The name “Tiamat” (meaning “Goddess Mother”) used for the supernova that birthed our Solar system, was the name given to Her by Thomas Berry (see his book, co-authored with Brian Swimme, “The Universe Story”), though the celebration of Tiamat in Winter Solstice ritual was inspired by Connie Barlow – in her book “Green Space, Green Time”. Tiamat is originally the name of the ancient Babylonian Goddess – and I also tell something of her story in “PaGaian Cosmology” p.73-74.

The music “Mundus Vergens” by Pascal Languirand, from his CD “Gregorian Waves” is used with his permission:http://www.myspace.com/pascallanguirand

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