(Poem 2) Creation Story by Dr. Mary Ann Ghaffurian

The rainbow serpent coiled back in on herself
Taking the essence of her Lord with her
In the unification of essences.
Then the serpent rolled out in all four directions
Creating four hemispheres
She stood in the sky and the four directions became four petals
And the four petals spun
Vibrating, shimmering red.
double serpent over deepb
The stars looked down and swayed in the heavens
Silvery lotuses on silver stalks
As the red bloom gave birth to a new golden potential
Settling down as gravity.
The red flower hovered mid-heaven,
Then faded.
Where it hovered was created an impression
Vibrating the mantle.
Four etched petals,
Resonating in space, discernible to the lotus-eyed.
In fact the lotus-eyed alone could see,
Sang in their lotus-hearts along with it, singing out the creation story with the perfect luxury of union.
From that place in the stratosphere, four new serpents were born in harmony,
Covering this innocent place with shimmering incandescence,
Quivering momentum, musical spheres.
Big Musical Bang
Wherever the serpents excited space, rain swirled, clouds massed,
Lightning split the dense purple night. Life grew.
Raining and churning… Aeon on Aeon.
And all the stars were quiet.
Withdrawn to their respective distances;
They remained silent; wrapt within.
(Text and images © Mary Ann Ghaffurian 1989 ~The Primordial Path)
(Read Part I here.)

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