(Poem) Resurrection by Mary Saracino

Mary Saracino, Writer

Deep in the coils of memory our DNA
sings ancient songs of life, death, regeneration.
We each turn on our own axis,
as the Earth turns through her seasons,
winter’s fallow followed by spring’s eternal greening.
All sacred litanies arise from her soil,
take to the sky, return their blessings
to the wells, the rivers, the oceans.
Why can’t we remember?
Our souls are hung on crosses,
our limbs bound, our hands and feet
nailed to unrelenting dogma,
our tender ribs pierced with thorny spears,
our vulva-wounds ooze with bloody amnesia.
We have forgotten where we come from:
the dank caves of consciousness
littered with the bones of
stone age lovers painted ochre-red
to honor menstrual blood, the original river,
to honor, too, its womb-source, our primal passageway
the portal from which we all emerged, mouths open, wailing
for our mother’s breast,
seeking the milk that sustains us.
Like spring we are born again and again;
we circumnavigate our lives, spiraling forward,
circling back, orbiting our hearts
until we open to the sun
like red tulips in a once-fallow field,
dancing in the breeze, loose with joy,
sharing our subterranean secret,
reviving the buried bulb’s dormant hopes,
reveling in our resurrection.

“Resurrection” was originally published in 2007 at http://www.newversenews.com/

Minoan Serpent Mother Goddess
Minoan Serpent Mother Goddess

Mary Saracino lives in Denver, CO. Her newest novel, Heretics, will be published in 2014 by Pearlsong Press. The anthology she co-edited with Mary Beth Moser, She Is Everywhere! Volume 3 (iUniverse 2012),  the anthology she co-edited with Mary Beth Moser received the is Enheduanna Award for excellence in the field of women’s spirituality from the Master’s Program in Women’s Spirituality at Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA. Mary’s novel,  The Singing of Swans (Pearlsong Press 2006), was named a Lambda Literary Awards finalist in the Spirituality category.

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Donna Snyder
Donna Snyder

a beautiful and meaningful poem. it provides much to savor on a sensual basis, and much to ponder on a philosophical and personal basis. thank you.

DrMary Ann Ghaffurian

This is truly juicy, Mary, a song of the weaver, and ancient one. Thank you.

Glenys Livingstone

oh I love it … must print out. Thank you Mary.


It reads like a visual (and visceral) matrix, matrices upon matrices. I see many paintings, portraits and landscapes, reveling… Thank you for gifting us with this.


This is a fine poem. Thank you, Mary, for putting words and a tone to my thoughts. Apparently you remember for me. Thank you, thank you. Blessings. <3

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I just read this poem for the first time Mary, and liked it so much I recorded it to listen to as part of my meditation tape. You are an astonishing poet. I am in awe.