Visit the first 2013 Mago Pilgrimage to Korea for details. And meet us in Return to Mago, Magoism: The Way of S/HE.

If you plan to participate in 2013 Mago Pilgrimage (June 6-20), we encourage you to consider submitting a proposal for your paper and/or presentation to the Inter-Continental Goddess Conference and/or International Symposium to be held during this period. Also there will be workshops and/or public events to which you can present your work.

We genuinely welcome a wide range of topics that come under the rubric of Goddess and Her Worlds!

Featured Presenters may include:

Ms. MaryAnn Columbia

Ms. Eleanor Decker

Ms. Jayne DeMente

Dr. Mary Ann Ghaffurian

Dr. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

Ms. Anniitra Raven Moon

Dr. Sarah Milledge Nelson

Ms. Lydia Ruyle

Rev. Marjean Bailey (above from abroad)

Mr. Bong-Jun Kim

Dr. Vana Kim Hansen

Dr. Seung-Mi Cho

Dr. Jung-Hee Kim

Ms. Jeongsuk Kim (above from Korea)

There are four categories:

(1) Inter-Continental Goddess Conference

Theme: Return to Women, Goddess, and the Female Origin

Venue: Seoul National University
Date: June 10
Keynote Speakers: TBA

(2) Intercultural Symposium I

Theme: Claiming Female Authority and Divinity

Venue: Daegu

Date: June 14 (tentative)

Keynote Speakers include Dr. Sarah Nelson (Who Wore the Gold Crown?)

(3) Intercultural Symposium II

Them: Cross-cultural Celebration of Goddesses and Women Myths

Venue: Jeju
Date: June 18 (tentative)

Keynote Speakers include Dr. Sarah Nelson (Ancient Shamans in East Asia)

(4) Workshops and/or Public Events: TBA

Please include the following in your proposal:

(1) a short description of your proposal including the title and the method (paper, slides, video, ritual, dance, or exhibition), and/or a sample. In particular, academic research papers are welcome in the sense that they will help, among others, the Planning Committee in Korea apply for funds and find sponsors. If it is a research paper, please write a longer proposal (about 400-1000 words). You may submit two different proposals to different categories. Specify the categories that you prefer for your proposal(s).

We will ask you to submit an abstract (about 500 words in length, different than a short description) by March 31, 2013. This will give the Korean Planning Committee time to translate into Korean. Thank you!

(2) short bio of yourself

(3) photo of yourself or your work

(4) your C.V. (optional)

Suggested Deadline: Feb. 15, 2013

Your C.V. will help the Planning Committee in Korea apply for grants and supports from prospective institutions and organizations. Submission: Email it as attachments to Mago Pilgrim Tour ( Please state in the Subject “Proposal Submission.”

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