(Poem) Unappreciated Woman by Amina Rodriguez

Photo by Amina Rodriguez

Unappreciated woman,

Deep emotions never spoken are seen clearly in your eyes,

Unappreciated woman,

your power is burning and intense

Smoldering your insides out till there’s nothing left of you

Power that intense can only mean it’s been held back

by ingratitude and neglect,

Withheld by forced-fed beliefs

They’re not yours, return them, leave them,

You are more than just an unappreciated woman….

Like a sling shot, once let loose, your power triggers an evolutionary force,

A force beyond imagination.

You will no longer be shot down.

With wisdom in your eyes no honest man could calmly deny,

Know that your fierce love will never be forgotten.


(Meet Mago Contributor) Amina Rodriguez


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