(Photo Essay 1) Goddess Pilgrimage 2017 by Kaalii Cargill

In July 2017, I set out on a 4 month pilgrimage to the Unites States, Italy, France, Spain, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt. I name it a “pilgrimage” because my main focus is what I call “visiting with the Grandmothers”, although I also encountered many other wonderful people and places. This series of Photo Essays is an invitation for you to visit with the Grandmothers I met on my journey . . .

Penn Museum, Philadelphia 

The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology has a long history of field work in the Arab countries, beginning with excavations at Nippur, an early Mesopotamia religious centre, in what is now Iraq. The Near East and Babylonian collections include more than 35,000 cuneiform tablets and 90,000 artifacts, including many representations of Goddess. The Mesopotamia collections cover a period from 5000 BCE to the 8th and 9th centuries CE.

Iran, Tureng Tepe, c3500 BCE
Ancient Sumer, Ur, 6500-3800 BCE

Penn Museum has been active in Iran since the 1930s. working on sites that yielded remains spanning the prehistoric through the Sassanian and Islamic periods.

From 1922-1934, Penn museum joined with the British Museum to support excavations at Tell al-Muqayyqr (ancient Ur).



There are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of “Grandmothers” in the Museum: some with the the characteristic form of Ishtar, some with bird-like “pinched” faces, many with clearly defined breasts and pubic (vulva) triangles. I rejoice in this abundant evidence of Her presence . . .

Online resource for images of ancient Sumerian Grandmothers: www.ur-online.org

All images: Ur area, c3800-500 BCE



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I love seeing these images, again and again. As women we NEED these images to help us stay strong… this is where Gimbutas’s work comes in too, to help remind us that the way things are today does not mean forever.
Thank you Kali

Amina Rodriguez
Amina Rodriguez

Beautiful. We definitely need to see more of these.