(Art Poem) How to Tend the Sacred Flame by Shiloh Sophia

Art by Shiloh Sophia

Dear One,

Don’t be habitual
Be unreasonable about changing your patterns

Don’t hide your light
Together we illuminate the dark places on the path

Don’t keep telling the old wound stories
Cause something new to unfold in your life today

Don’t keep looking for how you can be right
Seek instead, something much more interesting!

Ask yourself: How is who I am being,
keeping those I love, framed and trapped?

Ask Yourself: How are my beliefs
keeping my wings clipped and my mind small?

Ask Yourself: What is wanted and needed
in the world, that also brings me vitality?

Ask Yourself: What am I still hiding, that my soul
is ready to reveal, because of how I am listening?!

Consider what would happen
if you truly lived from trust?

Consider that if you require proof
to trust the Divine unfolding, it won’t.

Consider there is a way to trust
that hasn’t occurred to you yet.

Consider turning all of this,
over to the Divine!

You could get on your knees
and give thanks for what you have.

You could raise up your arms in devotion
and invite a cosmic conversation

You could choose to tend your sacred flame
simply by stepping onto your sacred path

You could open your heart like a cathedral
and illuminate the universe with your presence! 

Don’t require evidence of love
be evidence of love

Don’t require things to go your way
travel in the dark

Don’t stop when there is a rock in your path
ask your creative fire to light the way though.

Don’t block the love coming your way,
open all your doors with foolish abandon!

Allow grace, which is freely given
to come into your innermost chambers

Allow curiosity, as a state of wonder
to let you see with new eyes

Allow the Blessed One to be your Beloved
because even when you think you are lost, you aren’t

Allow your body to be the temple of the Holy Spirit
and tongues of fire will adorn your head!

May you find companions who recognize you
as one of their own.

May you tend the sacred flame of your companions
and you will find peace that passes understanding

May you choose the quest of becoming
instead of the illusion of having it all

May you receive the messages the Divine is sending
through all of your newly opened doors 

A reading of the poem by Shiloh Sophia
youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XU8CCH_j99w&w=640&h=360

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