(Photo Poem) Emerald Fire by Amina Rodriguez

Photo by Amina Rodriguez

I have seen the Emerald Fire

The heart of the earth opened herself within me

To show me something brighter

Something I was not previously conscious of

The grace of her Divine Nature took me in her arms

Through the limbs on her trees

When there was no other comforter able to pacify my indignation.

I cherish that Emerald Fire

Initially it had frightened me not knowing anything higher

I had not experienced such intensity in this life

A level of love beyond my human understanding

I realized when there is no teacher around

The trees will reach out to us

When in need and crying out for mercy in surrender

It is Nature’s way.

To her I do surrender, I let go and I let her flow within and guide me.

I had been done with suffering

I had had enough

When Nature’s Emerald Fire

Decided it was time to flow me higher

Into a dimension of reality well known to trees

Which flows up and outward towards the sun.

(Meet Mago Contributor) Amina Rodriguez.