(Art Poem) I Don't Want to Impress You… by Shiloh Sophia

Art by Shiloh Sophia

Dear One,

I don’t want to impress you.
I refuse to perform to make you love me.
Looking good is exhausting.
Especially if you have to keep it up.
Being right is so last life time.
I am not invested in hiding to protect myself.
This doesn’t mean I am surrendering.
This means my soul has plans for me.

I just want to be as I am called to be.
I am spontaneous, a badass, unpredictable at best,
and if you still love me, awesome. I love you too.
I would much prefer to play together
than look good by myself.
I don’t care about being right,
I would rather just be with you. Okay?
This doesn’t mean I am surrendering.
This means my soul has plans for me.

You know this already,
to be yourself takes crazy courage.
The kind most of us are born with.
But somehow, we tuck it away to protect others.
Or, even worse, we forget.
People can be afraid of people like us,
and try to shut us down, it isn’t too hard,
since we don’t want to offend.
That doesn’t mean I am surrendering
This means my soul has plans for me.

When we are too shiny, we scare people.
That’s okay. Tell them what all the sparkle is about.
Tell them your shine has spilled out,
that the edges of your container have expanded.
Invite them to dance in the scattered radiance.
Tell them not to surrender to the way things are.
Tell them, their soul has plans for them.

with love along the red thread,
Shiloh Sophia

Painting 2003

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