(Prose) Burning Times by Lucy H. Pearce

“Waiting to Fly”, © Robin Quinlivan. Used by permission.
“Waiting to Fly”, © Robin Quinlivan. Used by permission.

These are burning times. And they call for burning women. Women embodying their passion. Women feeling in their bodies. Creative women. Courageous women. Connected women.

Gather the women. Gather the men. Let burning women and burning men come together in ecstatic creative partnership. In dangerous acts of creative rebellion.

Rip your clothes off, run towards the flames and dance like there’s no tomorrow to the beat of your own heart. Only you can hear the rhythm, only you know its tune, only your body can dance this way, so do it. Stop holding back, and waiting, and trying to do it right, and not upset anyone.

I am there right beside you. I see your courage, I sense your power, I hear your voice. You are not alone.

We are ready. We hold the torches, we circle. We are the carriers of life-giving flames. We burn from the inside. The Female inflammation, a conflagration of sisters, burning away the bitter past and lighting the way to the future.

It is time.

Will you join us

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Editor’s Note: This is also published in SHE RISES :How Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality? (Volume 2)

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