(Art/Poem) You Do Not Speak For Me by Shiloh Sophia

Grieving America

You Do Not Speak For Me (resized)If you do not speak for the earth
You do not speak for me.
If you do not care for the water
You do not care for me.
If you do not protect our skies
You do not protect me.
If you do not see our firey sun
You do not see our food is on fire.

If you do not preserve our lands
You are destroying our home.
If you do not listen to the creatures
You do not listen to any of us.
If you will not put human life before greed
You do not not speak for us.
No, you do not speak for us.

To our leadership:
Who are you?
I do not know you. I do not know this America.
I do not know what democracy means now.
We don’t have a democracy.
I don’t know what this is,
but you have made our home a hostile place.
I pray to the Great Spirit that all truths about you
will be revealed and that we will wake up.
Add your prayers that truth will prevail.
Against all odds
This is not a war cry, this is just a cry.
I am grieving America. A home I love.
An idea I thought I loved.
Yet, an idea built on the bones of ancestors.
Not ours. The Ancestors of THIS land.
This is occupied territory: America.
How could we get this right,
When we have not made amends
for our arrival invasion here?
The saga of betrayal continues.
I just want to go home, but where?
Yes, I know full well I am also you.
I am also part of this problem
and part of this solution.
In this cry, I will do my best
to stand apart from you.
I will not stand with you.
Who am I? Who am I to say anything at all?
I am a gatekeeper from a circle of gatekeepers.
You don’t know us. Yet you will be hearing from us.
We do not know you either, but we see you.
You do not sit our circles.You do not listen to our children,
our cancer, our climate, our creatures.
We hear you. And hear this:
We do not stand with you.
Any of you, who do not speak for earth,
You do not speak for us.
Your “power” is an illusion.
May the veil part to reveal your plans.
Feel us, seeing your deceptions.
This is my cry, this is my prayer.To Our Allies:

People of other lands who have looked to us.
Look again. Friends of America.
This is not what democracy looks like.
They do not speak for us.
Americans are people, not a concept of America.
Not the one you see right now.
Not the killers, the suits, the racists and the sexists,
not the liars, the belligerents and the traitors.

Worldwide, let us all not make the assumption
that our governments represent our people.
There are few countries that do.
Speak to each other across borders
You will see, powers-that-be –
you do not speak for us.
Let’s stop the grand generalizations shall we?
I am still American, but the government
does not speak for me.

Who are we?
We are citizens of earth.
We are watching you.
We are keeping ourselves strong
for the journey ahead
which you have laden with
challenges for our children
and our earth. And for what?
You poison our future for profit.
And then lift up your ideas.
This is madness.
What many of us have been seeing
that was hidden, about America,
is now revealed in the behaviors of
men and women who do not speak
for us but say they do.

We must keep the watch!

I strengthen myself through
the calling of circles, the writing
of poems, the painting of images,
the gathering of friends, the participation
in goodness in my community and
in not turning away from your plans.
I will vote, knowing it rarely counts,
but I will vote since I am not sitting this one out.
I will not go numb. I will not go blind.
I will see you. And I am watching.
This may mean nothing to you.
To me, it means everything.
I have read almost everything I can find,
about all of you, yet, I am naive,
and astonished.
But I am waking with a roar in my heart.
I will not go to sleep
on the questions that love asks.
I am a gatekeeper and I am grieving,
all the while I am growing stronger.
We are growing stronger.
Hear us, we do not stand with you.

Pissed off in America,

Shiloh Sophia, Artist

United States of America,
The Election Year 2016

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Sara Wright

This poem says it all – we do not live in a democracy – we are not giving up – we will not be blinded to what this country has become.

Joy Anna