(Poem) War Babies, by Harriet Ellenberger

“Dove at Sunset”, www.pixabay.com
“Dove at Sunset”, www.pixabay.com

War babies are babies
who make war
without knowing what war is.

War babies make war
on nature,
on drugs,
on anyone who crosses them,
on each other.

War babies have guns
that are big and mean.
War babies have money
that won’t buy them more time.

War babies hit a telephone pole
at 100 miles an hour,
and expect to walk away.

War babies stay babies
because they don’t learn.

Oh look, they’re doing it again.


See (Meet Mago Contributor) Harriet Ellenberger

Editor’s Note: This is also published in SHE RISES :How Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality? (Volume 2)

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If ever this poem was appropriate the time is now – thank you Harriet.