(Poem) The Black Goddess by Elizabeth Chloe Erdmann

© Elizabeth Chloe Erdmann
Dark Goddess 1 © Elizabeth Chloe Erdmann
© Elizabeth Chloe Erdmann
Dark Goddess 2 © Elizabeth Chloe Erdmann
© Elizabeth Chloe Erdmann
Dark Goddess 3 © Elizabeth Chloe Erdmann


She was mutilated
Cut out
Wiped out –
For so long
But some kept the clippings and made
A collage late into the night –
Building Her back to the beginning-
Serpent eating tail then
Lips, legs, eyes –
Arms outstretched to humanity …

We gathered around chanting
Give me the good, the bad and the ugly all mixed in –
White, black, red –
Above my head, below my feet
No dainty tiptoeing now, no whispering in the night
No cages

And so She came down from the pedestal
Creative, cruel, caring
Laughing unconcerned through the crowd
No longer two-dimensional
But dynamic, revolving
Swinging whole worlds on Her hips
She danced like no other,
She ran …
Her fingers through the ocean of time
And smiled as She brought corpses to her lips
And rocked a cradle with her toe –
Simultaneously this time.

And then She spoke to me.
She used to be silent as the stars but
Now she cried:
Steal the fire –
Open the box!
Eat the apple –
And pass it back –
It is time to chart the wilderness of the soul
Lose sight of the shore –
And shed the guilt into gold.
Do not pray to me when you are weak
I want sacrifice when you are strong.

I still did not dare look her straight on –
But through a mirror with the corner of
My eye.
But she said do not be so afraid
Tell me everything –
Give me all
And I will make your heart
A wise warrior
Ten feet tall.

Elemental, Primordial, Violent
Lustful, loving, giving and taking –
Eternally young, forever old and yet always relevant
She was fair, breathtaking, ugly – rare
Bound round times three.
What a dazzling woman –
what a dark warrior –
what a Black Goddess!
Proud, strong, perverse – profound
– perfect!

A toast to the health of SHE.

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