(Prose) Falling In Love With Self by Arna Baartz

©Arna Baartz, www.artofkundalini.com
©Arna Baartz, www.artofkundalini.com

If you were the last person on Earth would you take the time to fall in love? If there were no one to impress and no one to compare yourself with, would you be able to be happy?

You are the only one here and the way you view yourself is exactly what you will transmit energetically to the world around you.

The more consistently you love yourself the more consistently you will notice love in your external world.

The way your world looks is in exact response to how much you truly love, respect, accept and approve of you.

Being present, being kind to yourself and making your emotions your gauge, will lead you into the sweet spot of true self-love.

The deeper you allow yourself to fall into the wondrousness of who you are, the stronger you will perceive your connection with the entire universal consciousness, and no longer will you believe in the limitation of resources.

You will have access to boundless love, to raw Kundalini power, and this is literally the fuel that drives it all.

Kundalini is who you are; how much of you are you letting yourself feel? Be here now, and FEEL IT. This is your power!

[Editor’s Note: This piece is from She Rises: How Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality?]

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