Meet Mago Volunteer Simply Sumaiyah

Mago Intro PicArtist. Author. Alchemist…

“She is patient and kind
Gentle and loving to a fault
Never a demand on her mind
Part of Herstory, not the occult…At the age of eight I began to hear
Whispers of Her —
My Feminine Wisdom began to stir
Divine knowledge beyond my years…Always drawn to the spiritual and mystic
In 2012 She revealed Herself to me
But upbringing and religion kept me skeptic
Not realizing my calling, what was meant to be…

Now in this present day
Curiosity is no longer
Embracing Her, I have become much stronger
No longer does fear keep me at bay…

Eyes wide open, heart set to Love
Seeking, learning, growing
Feeling Her Love from above
Wisdom and knowledge of Her — a Feminine Knowing…

Now walking in My Purpose as was meant to be
Creating sacred ritual and tools — who knows
Time will only tell as within me She grows
The Divine She is seeking Me.”

My story. Poetically… Goddess has been speaking to me all my life. I am finally listening! Certified as a Color of Woman Teacher, Intentional Creativity Coach, Spiritual and Life Coach, and Crystal Alchemist, I am also a Reiki Master and use all of the gifts given to me to help women help themselves. I have a doctorate from the School of Life and through those experiences I have learned the lessons necessary to apply to Self. Because that’s the key: Self. We must learn to love Self first before we are truly able to give to others.
And that’s what Goddess shows us…
I am a vessel for Her. One from which I invite you to draw what is needed for you. Owner and Founder, Curator and Resident Artist of the Soulful Emergence Art Gallery located in Baltimore Maryland, I offer a platform for women to explore their artistic side and launch their artwork to the world. We also gather to raise our collective consciousness and bring others to the knowledge of the Feminine Divine. Goddess. Using art + words we create passionate and compassionate heART Works and offer them to the world for a better understanding of Her and as a means to perpetuate Her memory and assist with the clear paradigm shift back to the Feminine Divine that we are witnessing today.

Author of Dear Sister: A Book of Poetry and Conversation, a book in which poetry (words) + artistic activities (art) can effect (=) healing. It’s a workbook of sorts, touching upon the principles of intentional creativity being utilized as a tool for Self help. Self Love… Dear Sister is available on Amazon and CreateSpace, published under my pen name “A. Friend” because I always want my writing to come from a friend…

Living in Maryland with my husband, sons, cats and dog, I am honored to be here in this sacred space contributing to The Return to Mago.