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Why teach with Mago Academy?

“For certain, Mago Academy is an experimental organization that tests out the possibility of our ability, as peace-makers, feminists, and/or Goddessians/Magoists, to survive and thrive through sharing our resources in a positive, constructive, and effective manner for all of us and the whole. I hope we can turn not only our talents, skills, spirituality, creativity, thought, passion, and vision but also our isolation, hurt, jealousy, and pain into something useful and good for oneself and the world through the programs and activities that Mago Academy offers. Yes, we are here for that! In that sense, Mago Academy is a divine cauldron that forges jewels. That is not the matter of a choice but a duty to heal and to be healed ourselves and the earthly community. Our physical time is limited. So are our resources. Let’s share and make use of them, while our light is still burning bright in our bodies!”


(For more, read: http://magoacademy.org/2015/01/26/why-teach-with-mago-academy/)


We accept teaching proposals for workshops and classes for Mago Academy. Please send us your queries through the contact form below. We will send you the proposal form via email.

Or fill out the following form and email it to us.

Online Class/Workshop Teaching Proposal Form


  • Mago Academy hosts classes and workshops in modules. One module is for three months. Instructors/Facilitators may request as many as three modules (nine months in all) at one time. Intervals between modules are possible, i.e., Module 1: From January 1 until March 31, Module 2: From May 1 until July 31, etc. If you prefer an irregular module, please indicate so below.
  • Mago Academy provides a private Google + community named after your class/workshop title and a Google hangout for video/conversation meetings. A self-tutorial and assistance for the use of these interfaces will be provided. If you prefer to set them up by yourself, please indicate so below.



Founding Director: Helen Hwang, Ph.D.

Administration Team: Mary Saracino, Rosemary Mattingley, Helen Hwang

Website under construction.

Contact email: magoacademy@gmail.com


Part I: Instructor/Facilitator and Class/Workshop Information

Title of class or workshop:

Representative Instructor/Facilitator (if more than two): ________________________________


Please attach the short bio, headshot, and C.V. or resume of the representative instructor/facilitator.


Instructor/Facilitator 1




Phone numbers:



Instructor/Facilitator 2




Phone numbers:



Please provide a brief description of your class/workshop (maximum 300 words with the first paragraph describing your class within 40 words; this will be used in our catalogue. Attach an image for your class if you have one):


Methods (no more than 200 words, include answers to the following questions):

  • How many modules does your class/workshop entail? Indicate the timeline of your modules.
  • How many video meetings are you going to have in each module?
  • If you plan an irregular module, indicate and explain the above questions accordingly.


What is your estimated class/workshop fee, excluding special fees (supply fee, etc.)? Explain any details related to the class/workshop fee, if appropriate (for example, $100 for four video meetings and weekly discussions).


Describe briefly your target participants (age, gender, organization, religion, nationality, etc.) and the ideal number of participants.


Do you have any suggestions regarding good marketing resources for the type of programming you offer? What journals, newspapers, websites, or publications do you think your audience would read to find out about programs like yours?


Special needs or considerations (including a supply fee and its content):



Mago Academy is NOT responsible for the supply fee and the delivery of those supplies to your students. However, it is mandatory for you to inform us about such fees if you need to charge for supplies and events. That information will be noted in the information about your course that we will include in our catalogue.


Please submit the completed form and other materials as attachment by email. We will send you Part II and Part III. If interested, email us for further information. Thank you!


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