(Call for Contributions) Story Your Goddess Feminist “Me Too” Insights for the coming year!

(Song) The Tree of Life by Genevieve Vaughan

(Poem) Autumn Leaves by Andrea Nicki

(Mago Almanac 4) Restoring 13 Month 28 Day Calendar by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

(Art 2) Shaktika, Infancy the very beginning of by Megha

(Art) Listening at the Loom of Her Love by Lucy Pierce

(Photo Essay) Matrix, Mother, Womb by Lena Bartula

(Essay) Memory: Mnemosyne by Susan Hawthorne

(Art) Initiation – Surrender by Susan Clare

(Book Excerpt 5) Single Mothers Speak on Patriarchy by Trista Hendren & Pat Daly