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The three-colored circles in night corners represent the sun ray, gynocentric creativity in a full blossom.

The Mago Work, Magoism: the Way of WE in S/HE

Our Vision & Intention

Magoism, the Way of WE in S/HE, promotes the Primordial Knowing originating from the Great Goddess, Mago.

Our vision and intention is to advocate for feminist and spiritually-based activism and to promote creative and scholarly work that supports the awareness of the oneness of all entities in the universe. Our hope is to reclaim the WE in S/HE, uniting all beings across differences of gender, culture, race, ethnicity, class, ability, and species. In doing so, we seek to create a world that is non-ethnocentric, non-racist, non-capitalist, non-imperialistic, and counter-patriarchal.

In addition to the Return to Mago (RTM) E*Magazine, we publish books through Mago Books, offer online classes through Mago Academy, and conduct cross-cultural pilgrimages.

Meet People (Advisors, Editors, Bloggers, and Contributors).

The Return to Mago E-Magazine: Our Vision & What We Publish

Return to Mago E-Magazine is one of the branches of The Mago Work founded on August 15, 2012. We accept poetry, creative prose, scholarly essays, artwork, video and audio media that addresses and supports embodied Goddess feminism, activism, and female-centered spirituality in all the many and varied ways these manifest in all cultures across the globe. Our interpretation of the term, Goddess, is wide and deep; it encompasses the Divine Female in all of Her many aspects and manifestations as well as the realities of the day-to-day experiences of women. Our vision is to publish work that names and seeks to eradicate oppression in all of its forms—racism, misogyny, classism, ableism, heterosexism, size-ism, nationalism, imperialism/colonialism, etc.—in order to uphold the gynocentric unity of all beings across time and space and reclaim the primordial consciousness of WE in S/HE.

To submit your work for consideration, we invite you to email Dr Helen Hye-Sook Hwang (magoism@gmail.com, Founding Director and Co-editor).

Go to Call for Contribution for submission guidelines.


Branches of Magoism Projects

  • Founded on August 15, 2012, Return to Mago E-Magazine currently enlists about 90 international contributors (feminist scholars, writers, artists, poets, advocates, and activists). Our readers are from more than 160 countries. We have three active co-editors and three necessity-based co-editors. A dozen of core members also serve as advisers and supporters. We publish posts on a thrice per week basis in addition to special posts in different languages including Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Korean. If you are a new contributor to Return to Mago, please consider joining the “secret” group on Facebook, RTM Contributors.
  • Mago Academy (AKS Mago Hedge School) currently hosts such programs as Certificate programs in Magoist Studies and Mago Pilgrimage to Korea directed by Dr. Hwang and online classes, which includes Korean Historical Dramas (ongoing since Feb. 2016), Emerging Interpretations of Inanna’s Descent facilitated by Hearth Moon Rising (2015), Gaia and Mago: Rekindling Old Gynocentric Unity (2014) co-facilitated by Dr. Glenys Livingstone and Dr. Hwang, and Korean Historical Dramas (2016) co-faciliated by Helen Hwang and Anna Tzanova.
  • Mago Books was established in February 2015 and now publishes the anthology, She Rises: Why Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality Volume 1 and Volume 2, The Mago Way: Re-discovering Mago, the Great Goddess from East Asia.
  • Networks of Mago Circle in Facebook, Mago Place in Google +, Mago Networks in Linkedin, Explore Hanguk/Korea in Google +, and The Mago Web in Twitter are social network hubs wherein women and men from around the world express, bond, exchange, and dream collectively our mind/heart/energy and expand the awareness of oneness of all beings of the universe (Magoist cosmology) that are constantly inflicted under patriarchy.
  • Online hub for Goddessians/Magoists and their circles, Mago Pool Circle: Gifting and Recycling for All in WE was created in May 24, 2016. Co-founders: Helen Hwang and Trista Hendren. Advisor: Genevieve Vaughan. Administrators: Helen Hwang, Spider Redgold and Alaya Dannu.


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Ella Menz

Reminds me of:

I do think this movement of returning to the cosmic womb is great. I hope it will find supporters.
comment imaget-economy.com/ (also a great webpage)

lovely greets

Mago Work Admin

Hi Ella, now I can connect you here with the one I am meeting in Facebook. Honored and delighted to be greeted by you and thank you again! Helen