(Art) Sanctus Miscanthus—Latin Saint of Ornamental Grasses by Sudie Rakusin

Art by Sudie Rakusin

Sanctus Miscanthus inspires us to adapt with grace and acceptance, despite difficulties or poor conditions in our surroundings.

Feathery ornamental grasses whisper and dance in the wind. They burst forth, panicles arcing from the ground with vibrant strands of downy grass and flowers. They stand in reverent silence when the wind is still, royal guardians of the garden path.

There are many different varieties of ornamental grasses. Many of their names evoke the rhythm of poetry – Northern Sea Oats, Silver Feather Maiden Hair, The Blaze, Purple Fountain, and Prairie Sky. They possess a linear, graceful beauty; their color and bloom reach their peak during the fall and winter months when much of the rest of Nature’s finery is fading. During periods of drought they withdraw into dormancy until much needed sustenance arrives. They require little care and cultivation beyond their annual grooming. Given a patch of ordinary dirt and plenty of sun, they usually flourish where they are planted.

Though her diverse forms render an elegant, delicate beauty, Sanctus Miscanthus is resilient through the challenges of any season.

Artist’s Note: The natural flow in my Feminist practice and Spiritual belief was to become an ardent and dedicated spokeswoman for animals and the environment. I am a vegan. My decision to stop eating meat was always an ethical and spiritual one. I cannot take another life for my subsistence. I believe animals have their own reason for being and they have the right to live out their purpose, not one we impose upon them. My art reflects my passion and love for animals as well as my respect and appreciation for the Earth. I paint, draw, and sculpt the world I dream of inhabiting. A place where the natural world is treated with deference and there is no hierarchy among humans and animals. In my world, we all walk the Earth in harmony. My art is the best way I know to express these feelings. www.sudierakusin.com 

Meet Mago Contributor Sudie Raskusin.

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Lovely art and thoughts. Thanks for making me think more about ornamental grasses and their “spiritual message.”


I just love what you wrote about wild grasses about adapting with grace our surroundings…These lovely plants do sprout out of the poorest soil and learn to thrive, a lesson for us all perhaps. Curiously, I have been collecting a purple and green wild grass with feathery bird -like seeds that I have yet to identify. It only grows around one old farm here but I have defintiely seen it in New Mexico!


With your permission I would like to post the second to the last paragraph as part of a yet to be written post for my blog.


Absolutely! Just keep making the world more beautiful.

Your sister in the goddess,



Patty Kay

I have a fondness for ornamental grass. I pray ” to adapt with grace and acceptance, despite difficulties or poor conditions in surroundings.” I believe in saints. I admire art. I think I found me a patron saint! And some art to appreciate. Thank you!