(Prose) Empowering the Feminine to Create Unity Consciousness and Evolve as a species by Amina Rodriguez

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The feminine aspect on our mother earth needs to become empowered because that is where our fate lies. If we bring the earth back into balance, then everything will become beautiful again. The male energy is out of balance and has obviously been destructive. So what we are seeing happening around the world today is the result of this imbalance. The answer lies in forgiveness and compassion for both the male and the female energies. Once we discover that we are all one, unity consciousness, we accept this reality that we are all one we can integrate the male and female energies in order to change our experience here on the planet. The first step lies in women becoming empowered and although many men have realized this need and many beautiful men have come to this earth to help us create this balance, women need to begin to take that power back more fully and more completely and realize that we are giving our energy away when we allow certain men into our lives and allow society and religion to dictate how our lives should look like. We can do this gracefully as many women have already done so, it is beginning to click in us that this is the issue in need of resolution. This resolution can only occur when we all begin to see the bigger picture. Our lives should be however we want it to be without us allowing any outside influence to impede us from that gift of creativity. Sometimes the programming is so strong that we don’t realize it that this is what is happening so the first step is understanding your truth, going within yourself and truly loving and forgiving yourself for all the imperfections that you were programmed to believe you have as well as the disempowerment that comes with just being female.

Photo by Amina Rodriguez

The feminine has been disempowered and now we need to forgive that so we can move on and at this moment women may need to detach from that feeling sensation of a need for a man in our lives if the man is disempowering you. If the way you feel most of the time if you are sensitive is literally a sense of disempowerment. No matter how successful you have become you may still be allowing the male energy to disempower you from your full potential. This is an energetic thing and will not be solved through the masculine means of fighting and arguing. That is simply not how the feminine flourishes. Men have been allowed to take energy from women to empower themselves for long enough now we take it back and create a balance. If we want the species to survive we must become empowered as women and not wait for permission from the male aspect. The way to look at this and solve the problems of the world today is by looking at the bigger picture without any judgement of absolutely anything but with much compassion for ourselves understanding that our human animal is at stake and needs to evolve. The way we do this is by realizing that the science is there that confirms that we are all energy and that we humans are no different than animals. We can program ourselves, we do this with so many tools now and yet we still think and therefore feel that we are separate from each other and the earth and the rest of the universe when in fact we are all one thing. Once we realize this in a more integrative way we will understand that all the complaining we have done as women is simply part of the healing process and now what we need is unity among all women all around the world, women of all backgrounds and cultures, in order for us to use our creative energy more completely.

Photo by Amina Rodriguez

This is a time of change and the way to create impactful, meaningful change for all of us is to create the possibility for this change to happen which means we must create a balance of the ying and yang, the female and male energies on the earth. This is very simple in the sense that the mind cannot solve the world’s problems with the male aspect alone, we need all women to come in touch with their feminine creative power and no longer accept the male model for our lives. We do things differently therefore women will need to get in touch with themselves in whatever way comes naturally without the male influence in order for us to thrive. This is not to say that we should avoid men altogether it simply means that we need to take that power back by befriending the male without allowing their energy to overcome us, that inherent evolutionary drive that creates this longing for the male in our lives in us and also we must forgive the masculine in order to move on. This works beautifully for us as individuals so why not do this as a species. If we know that we create our own reality and that we are what we think then why not unite as women and empower ourselves to begin to think differently about the world and the structures that we have created. We are one thing therefore we need balance like we need balance in our bodies. So as a whole both men and women need to lean into the feminine energy in order to create this balance.

(Meet Mago Contributor) Amina Rodriguez.

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I think the ideas behind this essay are sound but simplistic – we do need to re-dress the imblance behind patriarchal thinking but how do we go about DOING this? That is my question.

Amina Rodriguez
Amina Rodriguez
I honestly don’t have any complex solutions, but I personally feel that the imbalance isn’t something that can be fixed from the “outside” but from going within as individuals and empowering ourselves in our own lives, the self-healing of women. If we seriously considered this, the answer is actually very simple, we are only truly able to change ourselves as individuals, if we all do this it will eventually create balance. Of course, that’s not to say that there cannot be some solutions applied on the outside because when women become truly empowered from what can be within a spiritual… Read more »