(Photo Poem) A Prayer to Divine Mother Within by Amina Rodriguez

Photo by Amina Rodriguez

Divine Mother within; show me what I have been,

What I am and what I shall become

Divine Mother within, show me all the pain I carry,

For all women in my lineage before me

I release all of their pain and in the process all of my future selves will now know freedom.

Divine Mother within; show me all who lived before me,

Show me any pain left to be released

Show me who we will be, show me what we shall become

For within us I know lies the key to our freedom.

May all be healed, I declare us healed

May we all be free in the name of our earth, Divine Mother within us all.

Heal my heart; heal my wounds so they shall also be healed,

All mothers who live within my heart

All memories of all the pain carried by generations before me

I let it all go, may we let go of all that pain that had been anchored in our souls

By an unbalanced world around us.

May we balance the earth by leaning into You

Divine Feminine aspect of our source

We are, all of us collectively, all women,

When we cry we release the collective pain

Release all the traumas created by the patriarchal game

Divine Mother within, set us free for the sake of humanity

Set free the Divine Feminine within us all

The goodness shared as a result will bring the earth back to balance

As we balance ourselves with Divine Mother guidance

We are the balancers of this new age, the fruit of knowledge and the giver of this knowledge.

This sacred knowledge leads us back into the golden gates of a new era

The new golden age of humanity.

May we lean into the Divine Feminine within us

And we will once again in this lifetime know and understand the concept of heaven.

Let us all unite by linking our hearts as One

Through the earths higher vibrations and trust that it is done

Through us all the Divine Mother within shows us all we need to know

May we let Her flow through us.

(Meet Mago Contributor) Amina Rodriguez.