(Art) Transformation by Liz Darling

Art by Liz Darling

The experience of becoming a mother transformed the way I view the female body and the creation of life. Inspired by performing in Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues,” I use the vulva as a symbol of female power.

This work reflects my disgust with the Christian Church’s role in male-dominated societies. Patriarchal religion has relegated women to inferior, subservient roles both in worship and domestic settings. Due to the vast influence of Abrahamic faiths, this damage to women extends beyond communities of worship and pervades secular society. I was raised in Christianity, and although I am now agnostic, I have been profoundly influenced by Christian ideas and teachings, both positive and negative. I juxtaposed vulvas with the traditional style of religious iconography to connect the spiritual and visceral aspects of my experience as a woman as well as provoke thought about how Christianity has been used to dominate and marginalize women for centuries. Regardless of personal belief, acknowledging the divine in female form has potential for profoundly affecting social change and empowering women and girls to view their lives as sacred and significant.

(Meet Mago Contributor) Liz Darling.

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