(Poem) Spring Equinox Dance by Andrea Nicki

Art by Jen Delyth.

Some placed offerings

on the room’s center altar

One woman added a green blown glass bird

She said her daughter made it when she was 17

Now in her 30’s she lives in Alaska

but last week took flight from her husband and job

We expressed hope for her safe journey

and transplantation

Another said she had nothing to offer

except the sleeveless green dress she wore

She had bought it for her daughter

but kept it for herself

wanting to rekindle teenage energy

Another set down some plastic fruits

and vegetables (from her son’s toy room)

praying for a large harvest

Our facilitator, in a white cotton dress

offered a photograph of a grassy meadow

she said, her favourite part of spring

A gathering of eight, we joined hands around the altar

imagined our feet sinking in a fresh meadow

and gave each other toe nudges–kisses

We kept our bodies low to the ground

with the trunks of re-activating trees

making small steps forward and back

forward and back

deepening our footprints

Later we separated, stretched our arms high

to mix with branches, finger peaches, apricots, cherries

then flapped our wings, moving from tree to tree

or making longer journeys

Our last dance a slow, eternal embrace

our arms fastening around backs and waists

the Celtic Tree of Life


Meet Mago Contributor, Andrea Nicki.

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Lovely poem


Thanks for reading 🙂