(Essay 1) Magoist Calendar: The Mago Time inscribed in Sonic Numerology by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

Painting by Liz Darling

[Author’s Note: This is my latest research that has led me to restore the 13-month, 28-day Mago Calendar, which will be included at the end of its sequels. See Mago Almanac: 13 Month 28 Day Calendar (Book A), published in 2017.]

Magoist Calendar is the inter-cosmic genealogical chart of the Creatrix in which all is found kindred. It unfolds the one standard unified time, which I call the Cosmic Mother’s Time or the Mago Time, wherein all beings in Our Universe from microcosmic quarts to macrocosmic celestial bodies are perceived in continuum. The Cosmic Mother’s Time is an inclusive time in which everyone is re-membered and celebrated. It is revelatory for its numinous nature, which some may call a mystery. The Mago Time is happening HERE/NOW. Protons and stars are summoned next to each other, sharing the same Mother’s Lineage. The Mago Time holds together the worlds. The inter-protonic world dovetailed in the inter-galactic world spirals into myriad dimensions for all beings to run the life of birth, growth and metamorphosis. Put simply, it is the time for all, the WE. In it, all is present in the journey of becoming. No one remains static or unaffected. In that sense, the Mago Time is the Womb Time in which life is given forms to become the fullest potential. It is Our Time, the Time of WE/HERE/NOW! At the heart of the Mother’s Time is the female fertility cycle in sync with the lunar cycle (monthly 28-day and yearly 13-month). Following the synchronous rhythm of women and the moon, the inter-cosmic celebration of the Magoist Calendar renews the pulse of all HERE/NOW. In the Mago Time, ecstasy becomes normal and the norm.

In discussing and restoring the Magoist Calendar, this book examines the numerological implications of the Magoist Cosmogony, based on the Budoji (Epic of the Emblem City), the primary text of Magoism, alleged to have been written in the late 4th or early 5th century of Silla Korea (57 BCE-930 CE).[i] I have reiterated that the Budoji is indispensable in my reconstruction of Magoism. The Budoji, an ancient Sillan Magoist testimony to Old Magoism, re-members the forgotten pre-patriarchal mytho-historical-thealogy of the Great Goddess. Its gynocentric principle culminates in the Magoist Calendar, an epitome of the Magoist Cosmogony. The Mago Calendar not only attributes patriarchal calendars to the cause of degeneration in the human world but also unleashes what they have suppressed, sonic numerology (the Magoist Cosmogony) and sidereal time (the Mago Time). If sonic numerology delineates the microcosmic principle of the Creatrix, the sidereal time, time measured relative to the distant stars beyond the solar system and used by astronomers, explains the macrocosmic principle of the Creatrix.  Like numerology, time born out of the universe in self-creation in turn reminds us of the blissful reality of the Creatrix. As a cosmic compass of terrestrial time/space events, the Magoist Calendar guides humans to fulfil their terrestrial responsibilities in harmony with the cosmic music. Also Distinguished from the Gregorian Calendar and the traditional Chinese calendar, the Magoist Calendar stands as the archetype of a 13-month, 28-day gynocentric calendar that places women’s socio-biological lives in sync with nature’s movement. It is epistemologically salvific, guiding the human world to the maternal principle of nature from which a blissful life is warranted for all beings on Earth.

Underlying the very foundation of human culture, the calendar molds human behavior in a certain way. Because its program affects everyone, calendar has been in the hands of rulers and leaders of the world. Calendars have been reinvented or abolished in support of a particular ideology. Although the Gregorian Calendar is the standard calendar most widely known today across borders, there are many other calendars currently used among peoples of the world. Yet, other calendars are abolished and locked into a page of history. Among them is the Magoist Calendar (Calendar of the Great Goddess). How does the Magoist Calendar differ from other calendars? What is it like? Why did it disappear from the public? Why is it important to restore the gynocentric calendar? This book delves into answering these questions and restores the Magoist Calendar that unfolds the Mother’s Time.

The Magoist Calendar is the First Book given by the Great Goddess. It is the door to the Story of Our Beginning originated from HER, the Magoist Cosmogony. Ever since the establishment of patriarchal rules on Earth, humanity has faced the condition that people are in need of being taught about the beginning story of the Great Goddess. Moderns have long lost the Magoist Cosmogony, as it was misappropriated, if not erased, by patriarchal religions. We hear daily about the stories of human lives ever threatened by wars, assaults, and corruptions on a global level likened to doomsday. Are these two facts unrelated? The loss of gynocentric calendar and the deterioration of humanity at an ever-escalating speed follows a cause and effect model.

Concerning our lives, we moderns have suspended the search for truth. What does that mean? The Magoist Calendar restored today makes us redo the very basic thinking of human life. It throws back to us such fundamental questions as: “What is the truth about our being on Earth?” “Why are we born and what do we live for?” Patriarchal calendars have prevented us from asking and answering those questions. The Magoist Calendar takes us to the root of human existence and our inter-cosmic environment. It tells us the story of our beginning from the Great Goddess. All terrestrial beings are given the paradisiacal environment by the Great Goddess. S/HE is our original blessing; that is the truth to which humans are born to testify. The story of the Creatrix is here for us all, answering such basic questions as how the natural world came about in the beginning and how humans came to be born. The Magoist Cosmogony needs no indoctrination to prove the truth. Truth is self-testified or rather self-revealing through nature and life. Truth is accurate, correct, and salvific to all.

The truth that the Magoist Calendar testify to requires unravelling the numerological thealogy of the Nine Mago Creatrix. On the one hand, the Magoist Calendar is a terrestrial deployment of Heavenly Numerology also known as Nine Numerology. And numerology undergirding Magoist Calendar delineates the property and operation of the Nine Mago Creatrix. On the other hand, Magoist Calendar is a cultural embodiment of harmony between the sonic movement of the universe and its terrestrial acoustic resonance. Thus, discussion of the Magoist Calendar necessarily becomes revelatory to the numinous reality of nature inscribed numerology and musicology. All beings are born through numerological sonic harmony. Embodying Nine Numerology, the Nine Mago Creatrix (self-)regulates the sonic frequencies and wavelengths of the universe on behalf of terrestrial members.[ii] Sonified numerology (self-)determines the place of all beings in between affordance and actuality. Both numerology and musicology refer to the one system of nature’s self-creation. It may be said that numerology is the rhythmic language of the universe, whereas musicology is the harmonic language of the universe. The two mutually and inextricably interact with each other and co-create reality, which is the Way of the Nine Mago Creatrix.

To be continued.

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[i] The Budoji is an esoteric text reemerged in the mid 1980s. It is not surprising that it remains untreated in academic circles for its “unverified” authorship. For more discussion on the Budoji, see Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, The Mago Way: Re-discovering Mago, the Great Goddess from East Asia (Mago Books, 2015), 124-6.

[ii] I have discussed the cosmogonic property of the cosmic music as a central motif in my book. See Hwang (2015), 123-187.

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