(Book Excerpt 4) New Love by Trista Hendren and Arna Baartz

Copyright Arna Baartz
Copyright Arna Baartz

Arna’s Introduction

First, I want to thank you for reading this. By doing this work you are literally changing our world, you are taking All That Is a step further in its evolution! You are a miracle, a warrior, a being of incredible, intelligent light and your determination to clean up your thoughts and create a peaceful, mindful inner world will have lasting, positive consequences for generations to come.

I like to think of the individual mind as the cornerstone of consciousness, from our vantage point in the eye of this delicious, terrifying, multi-dimensional tornado we have the ability to see, choose and create! From here, we can garner the power that manifests worlds!

A little note on The Daily Thought. We have included these little thoughts specifically; they are designed to confuse the mind just a touch to take you out of your programming for a second. Please don’t be daunted if you feel uncertain as you read them.

Breathe into the daily thought and allow the fuller meaning to become clear.

The thoughts are for you to repeat as the day goes by – repeat, feel, breathe and allow them to work their mindful magic on you. Journal your responses to the thoughts and be amazed by your natural insight as they work with you to take you to a new level of personal understanding and deeper acceptance of the natural flow and flux of life.

The Daily Suggestion is about your physicality. We are often shocked out of our body when we are very small – discipline, abuse, unexpected noises, unusual circumstances and fear all contribute to physical disassociation. After the initial experience our thoughts then take over, keeping the wounds open and active. Take these simple suggestions and make use of them to bring yourself back to centre, to inhabit your body completely. Once here we are in a fine place for feeling our feelings and learning to engage with our inner being. The outcomes to expect from re-merging with the physical self are numerous: Understanding and recovering from anxiety, completely trusting our intuition and having the clarity to make perfect choices for well-being are just a few.

The core message of our book is to remind you to come back to the present, to fall in love with your physical vehicle, allowing yourself to open and receive the flow and nourishment of the universal energy that is who you (in totality) truly are.

This book is an exciting merging of vision, a three-way collaboration between Trista, myself and you. My art is a response to our collective desire to BE love, to listen to our inner being and to trust ourselves to move powerfully forward on a journey of wholeness. I hope you will enjoy contemplating it as much as I did creating it.

When I look at you I see myself.



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