(Audio 2) Interview with Genevieve Vaughan by Janie Rezner

Janie Rezner and Genevieve Vaughan talking about restoring “mothering” to its rightful place in the constitution of the human.

Source: http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/program/71253

Janie Rezner
Janie Rezner

Janie Rezner’s guest on Women’s Voices, September 16th,  is  independent researcher, author, speaker and activist Genevieve Vaughan. Genevieve has been working on the theory of a maternal gift economy as an alternative to Patriarchal Capitalism for many years and her books include “For-giving, a Feminist Criticism of Exchange” and “Women and the Gift Economy: A Radically Different Worldview is Possible.” Consider that we humans have lived successfully without money or the concept of exchange for most of our 100,000 years on earth. Money, i.e. the exchange paradigm, is the cornerstone of patriarchal domination.
Genevieve writes, “The gift paradigm has the advantage of restoring mothering to its rightful place in the constitution of the human. What has been wrongly proposed in the construction of gender, with devastating effects, such as the promotion of the values of dominance, competition and hierarchy (which are non nurturing values) can be countered by re introducing gift giving as a social value and interpretive key. Both male and female human beings are basically nurturers. One gender is not the binary opposite of the other. If we reintroduce the gift paradigm into our interpretation of the world, we will find our “gift-giver within” which will then be acknowledged and validated.”

Credits: MUSIC: Genevieve Vaughan’s song We Are Walking in a Circle from her CD, “The Tree of Life.” Done in   2013.

Meet Mago Contributor, Janie Razner. Also Meet Mago Contributor, Genevieve Vaughan.